Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a white frame house in college town

It's funny how even during the craziest times, times when your life feels like the farthest thing from normal (which seems like every day for me), you can look around and find comfort.

This morning, as I was drinking my morning coffee (which doesn't seem to do much for me anymore, how did I become immune to coffee @ the age of 20?!), I looked out the window and saw the mailman. Call me crazy, but it brought me comfort. In a crazy college town crawling with kids everywhere, it's nice to look around and notice that life as I knew it before Penn State still exists.

If you think about it, it doesn't get more normal and comforting than seeing the mailman. When your dog dies, on your wedding day, your first day of college, and during the best and worst of times, the mail man will always be there. When everything in your life seems so crazy that you can't keep up... just remember there's still a guy out there doing a job so common that we all hardly notice it (unless your dreading the arrival of a bill the comforting mailman might be bringing with him... I don't know that side of the mailman yet).

I know it sounds crazy, but in a world where everything is changing, changing fast -- technology, relationships, the world itself -- it's nice to know that somethings stay the same, even if they are small things. We all need something to count on, even if it is something totally unrelated to us. I encourage you to find that thing you can count on, however small or crazy it might be, and just notice it. It'll bring you more comfort than you think.