Monday, November 15, 2010

freshman 15?! not if it costs me 50 bucks a week...

I talked this over with a friend once...

We were talking about the AmeriCorps, and how it was an awesome thing for people to do but it is hard to survive without money. Then we talked about how a lot of people who are in the AmeriCorps are benefited by being able to obtain food stamps monthly in order to still by food.

The reason I bring this up is because -- in my opinion -- this is refreshing. I know many people are on Food Stamps because they need them, and it is a great way to help people in need. However, statistics show that there are also many people that abuse the system, and get them when they aren't really needed.

After talking this over with a friend, we discussed that people in the AmeriCorps are dedicating years of their lives to service, and since they are willing to dedicate their time to the betterment of the country, with little to no pay, they should at least be able to get food for free. I mean, isn't the military based on the same principles? When they are in active duty they get food for free.

Then we started talking about something relevant to our lives -- education.

The way I see it, is we are dedicating 4 years to our life -- half of us because we feel we have to to survive, not because we necessarily want to -- to also better this country. Many political leaders focus on education and how important it is for our country. Not only our country, but the economy of our country. We need education for research, we need it for survival now, and we need it to provide for ourselves and our families. Without it, most of us will need assistance from the government -- maybe in the form of Food Stamps.

What I think is ... students should be helped out by the government. Students have it really rough right now in case you haven't noticed. We are in so much debt when we come out of school, and the job market is scary right now. We are poor and we accept it. We are going to be poor for a really long time.

So I propose this:

Since so much of the cost of college is in food -- whether it be food for your apartment or food for your meal plan. It's expensive! Many students can't hold jobs while in college .. and coming from me, who does hold a job, it is hard! It is hardly enough to help out with all expenses...and one of the highest expenses is food.

So I think that the government could in the least help us out with food. Why not allow college students to apply for food stamps? We have little to no income, we are already pouring so much money into our education, and most of us our getting little help from our parents and financial aid. Why not help us out? Some of us need the money more than abusers of the system...

Food for thought.