Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hold on & take this ride...

Over the past few weeks, I've had many decisions I have had to make. Some were a little more important than others, but for me a decision is a decision and I don't take them lightly. I'm an easily stressed person if I feel like my life can change when I make a decision (most of the time my life won't really change, but in my eyes, it will). Besides making decisions, there has also been a lot going on. I know that is very vague, but basically I've been in situations that are a little more tense than normal. I always try to do what is best for myself and for others, but sometimes that is hard -- and I think that is something we all struggle with in life.

Sometimes we have to make split decisions, because we do not really have time to think things over. Sometimes decisions take forever, and sometimes we toggle with decisions. We go back and forth, and sometimes it seems like we may never come to a conclusion. I think that this is mostly because we second guess ourselves so much.

I am going somewhere with this...

When I am making a decision, or I need advice, there are a few different people I go to depending on what that situation is. I usually go to my boyfriend, my older sister, my parents, and my friends. Those are the main people.

Friends are great, they really are. The only thing is, many times their perspective is similar to my own perspective. We are all college kids that just entered our 20s, we're all scared to death of the future, and no one wants to piss anyone off. No one wants to stand up for anything. We've been taught through social situations that keeping quiet is better than confrontation, because confrontation is "drama" and who wants that?

That is why I go to my parents and my older sister for advice. It is refreshing to get a view outside of the college-town view. Getting perspective from someone that has lived a lot longer, has been subjected to almost any situation and has lived to tell the tale grants a lot more honesty and a lot more reassurance -- "calm down, it's going to be okay".

Because, honestly, it is going to be okay. We have to believe that.

As a generation that just entered our twenties, we are still so young. Don't believe it? Take a trip back to your old high school, those kids look like babies, I swear! And yet, we have this mind set like we are so old and we know everything.

But the truth is... we don't.

So I'm suggesting we all take advantage of the people around us that have different perspectives. Next time you need advice, no matter what it is, go to your parents. Talk to them like real people, and not like people who are supposed to make the world better for you. Ask them what they think based on their life experiences. When you get advice from a different maturity level, it is giving you a better basis to make a decision. The opinions are not those of just people our age, people who are worried about so much, that are so scared to make mistakes. Older people have already made the mistakes, so they understand that it WILL BE OKAY.

It is so reassuring.

Use the people around you to help you out. Life isn't as scary when you have other people to help you ride it out.