Sunday, November 21, 2010

What not to wear (According to the opposite sex)

So I thought I would switch it up a little...

I always think it is interesting when guys talk about the types of clothing girls wear, and how they do not seem to understand why we wear the things we wear. So I decided to get some input from each gender. What do guys and girls wear that the opposite sex just does not understand? What types of clothing are ugly? What types are just plain stupid to the opposite sex?

Some articles of clothing may be obvious to you, but you'd be surprised by some of replies I got back. Some came as a shock, and some are just plain hilarious. I made up some extensive lists for each gender. Although I will keep answers anonymous, some will be direct quotes because I find them humorous... Hope you enjoy!

Listen up ladies! This is what the guys just DON'T UNDERSTAND:
(especially as pants)
(especially over-the-top ones with stuff on them like polka-dots)
- Heels
("Why do girls need heels? I just don't get it...")
- Uggs
("Because girls look like they are going to break their ankles in them)
- Uggs with Spandex/leggings
- Skinny Jeans
(SHOCKER?!! Watch out Katy Perry)
- Tight clothing and revealing clothing
(Whattt?!! "I never understood people wearing clothing that is too tight
and exposes some extras")
- Jeans w/ rips in them
- Clutches
("Especially when they cost like 7K")
- Giant Bags
- Make-up when no one is even around
- Gothic clothings
- Big hoop earring, a lot of rings
- Poofy shirts
- Shirts that only cover one shoulder

But... for the amount of things guys don't understand -- there is just as much misunderstanding amongst the girls!

This is what the GIRLS just can't stand:
- Skinny Jeans!
(aka "Nut Huggers")
- V-Necks
- Shirts w/o Undershirts
- Scarves
- Thick, gold chains
- Lugz
- Tims
- "Jeans with fresh-white Ghetto Kicks"
- Baseball caps with the stickers still on them
- Black and Navy Blue together in the same outfit!
- Sandals
- Man Capris
- Shirts with cheesy saying on them
- Flannel shirts
("Especially when they wear them every day!")
- Doubled-up polos
- Running shoes with Jeans
- "Cuff Links and Bubble Jackets"

That basically sums up what not to wear ;) According to the opposite sexes, of course! Feel free to comment anymore you can think of that aren't on the list. I don't know about you, but I find it pretty amusing.