Monday, December 13, 2010

What do you do when you're supposed to be studying?

It is finals week, which means a lot of studying -- or in most cases, doing a lot of crap to avoid studying. I started studying last night around 6 and here's what I've done since then:

-- Made dinner
-- Went on Facebook while dinner was cooking
-- Called Daniel
-- Ate Dinner
-- Went on Facebook
-- Talked to Dan on the phone for a half hour
-- Sat down to study
-- Started studying
-- Made a playlist on to study to
-- Listened to the playlist as I looked up lyrics to all the songs on the playlist
-- Checked Facebook
-- Checked my e-mail
-- Checked
-- Studied a little more
-- Watched the Disney Channel Original Movie "Tru Confessions" on
-- looked for my Psychology book (unsuccessful)
-- printed out study guide
-- Washed dishes
-- Put dishes away
-- Moved to the living room in hopes of avoiding distraction
-- Studied notes
-- Went on laptop and listened to the song "Strip Me" by Natasha Bedingfield 3 times
-- Went to bed
-- Woke up
-- Made breakfast
-- Watched 2 episodes of Boy Meets World
-- Did 2 loads of laundry
-- Went on Facebook
-- Found Psychology book
-- Studied (well, sort of)
-- Made lunch
-- Watched Ellen
-- Went on Facebook
-- Checked e-mail
-- Watched music videos
-- Studied a little

Now, I'm blogging. What do you do when you're supposed to be studying?