Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I need a hump-day drink!

I cannot believe it only 12... Can you?

When you read about my day you won't believe it either...

Well, just an update I am currently in Corning, NY, as my other half is on his way to being the next big thing in Engineering (well, I hope!). Just a side note, did you know that Corning interns get a hotel room for the summer, making a ridiculous hourly wage, and they have a maid that does their dishes?! They also get a free membership to YMCA, free dinner 3x a week,breakfast every day and a ridiculous amount if free stuff waiting for them when they get here? It's clear I picked the wrong major...

Well any who, this morning when Dan left I was so hungry I decided to see what breakfast was like. I left everything here but my iPad and my room key... But I put the room key under my iPad cover. Bad idea, since I'm thinking the magnets in my iPad eff'd with it.

Regardless... Since I'm nit paying for the room I wanted to be as close to invisible as possible because I didn't know if breakfast was for me. Well, my card didn't work to get back in the room... So my plan failed. I went down the the front desk where two very nice clerks kindly told me that since they had no idea who the blank I was, why would they let me back in?

After calling Dan (worst girlfriend ever? His first week as in intern and I'm bothering him), in which he could not answer... They let me describe the room to them and tell them where all my stuff was to make sure I'd been in there. She wanted my ID as soon as I got in the room, which if course I could not find. Would my student ID suffice?

Later on, after a nice nap... I NEEDED COFFEE (I am an avid addict for those who did not know.) I made the coffee they had in the room and it tasted like I splenda into skim milk and decided to call it the next best thing. Which it wasn't -- it was gross. I looked up the nearest coffee places in town (a total of 2 -- no Starbucks or Dunkin within 10 miles.)

I wound up finding myself at the weirdest coffee shop with the most eccentric flavors ever. What does a girl have to do to find a normal, good cup of coffee?

I get back to the hotel, and that stupid red light comes on every time I swipe my card. By some miracle, the back door opened and I got in. Usually red means it didn't work, but maybe I was mistaken? I got to Dan's room and figured out I wasn't mistaken... Red means you don't get in your damn room.

I went back downstairs... Miserable, because now I can't find my phone, either. The cheery clerk said we're practically BFFs now so he didn't mind giving me a new key. He was funny, and he turned my mood around because he was super nice. This place gets an A+ for service.

Well I called the places I went downtown and they didn't have my phone. I went to my car, which was allll the way across the parking lot. Phone was on the front seat... Hmm, how did I miss it?

Now, I'm living the life in a hotel room equipped with comfy beds and air conditioning, sipping on coffee. I'm nit leaving.. Only evil can come from that.