Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It seems our culture is starting to forget it's principles. We are free. When I was growing up, it was as simple as that. How many years of school did I spend learning about the "land of the free"? How many countless hours of social studies taught me the ideas behind the Declaration of Independence? Weren't we taught to be proud about our country's break away from England? Do we not celebrate the Fourth of July every year?

Yet somehow, our country has become "ban" crazy. We are banning EVERYTHING. First it was cigarettes in public places (Although, I do enjoy fresh air while eating -- but still, that was a crucial stepping stone in this never ending process.) Then, it was Four Loko. Now, the University of New Hampshire even went as far as to ban energy drinks on their campus. Come on now, really?

According to reports, the university decided this was in students' best interest after someone was sent to the hospital due to an incident involving energy drinks. Understandable, I suppose, except what happens when someone accidentally chokes in a dining hall -- are we going to ban food, too?

I understand with blogs and informational sharing as popular as it is, every university wants to keep a good image -- but let's get real. Many students who live on campus only have access to on-campus stores. I don't condone the consumption of energy drinks at all -- in fact, I never drink them -- but if someone wants to get all hyped out from them, that's their issue. If someone wants to smoke a pack a day, that's their issue, too. If an under age kid wants to drink so much Four Loko they nearly die, well, it's unfortunate... but we are free. We cannot ban one thing and expect nothing else to be banned.

Unfortunately, we allowed this awful trend to be started... the question is, are we ever going to be able to reverse it?