Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Sanctity of Marriage" Given Second Thought

Whether you've experienced divorce firsthand, or not, you know what it is. It is that life-changing thing that happens when there are "reconcilable differences" in a marriage. Divorce isn't a quick, clean break. Everyone who has been around it knows it is a process. There may be fighting, one person may fall out of love, and after the break happens, there is a whole load of legal crap to deal with.

But what if that process didn't happen? What if one day, after years of a happy marriage, your partner brings you to the courthouse, calmly sits you down, and the paper for you to sign is placed in front of you? Sounds crazy, right? Yeah, I thought so, too.

What's really crazy, though, is it really happened. Even more crazy, the couple is still happily together, living life the way they always did. The blog post, which I found through Psychology Today, can be found here.

It turns out, the wife wanted to divorce to prove a point about the sanctity of marriage. A legal documentation of your marriage cannot change the way you feel about each other. She wanted to prove that without that legal documentation, her relationship would be just as strong. She did it to show the world how caught up we've become in the legal rules of marriage.

To me, she's right. "My babe" however, listened carefully before saying, "That's a fun idea and all, but no." Haha, got to admire Dan's honestly.