Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wasn't life grand when...

The new Disney channel movie coming out on Friday would be the highlight of your week.

Littering would lead to crying Indians, and no one wanted that.

Are You Afraid of the Dark was the scariest TV show. Ever.

Summer meant swimming all day every day.

Being on drugs meant your brain was the equivalent to an egg in a frying pan.

TRL was a priority, and you couldn't wait to see the new NSYNC video they were releasing next week.

Grandma and Grandpa's house was a magical place with candy and people like parents, only better.

School dances were the equivalent to the MTV movie awards.

Snow days meant just that = playing in the snow.

Friends was a TV show you weren't allowed to watch.

Pool parties were "the bomb" - who cared what your hair looked like afterwards?

Babies came from the stork (at least that what they told us, we didn't care enough to look for the real answers)

Getting drunk was for those gross people in public service announcements

You could buy CDs with one track on them, called "singles".

Broken hearts were what they sang about in those stupid love songs

"You Got Mail" was like the sound of singing doves.

Away messages were essential, and if a sibling signed you out before you got to check your messages it was war.

Milk money meant $0.30.

Walking to school was a privilege

Ferbies were still cool, not creepy

TV Land meant ancient shows your parents watched, not TV shows from your childhood.

McDonald's was awesome, especially the playing in the jungle gym afterwards.

Lizzy McGuire meant don't bother me for the next half hour.

HitCLIPS was the latest technology, because listening to 30 seconds of a song was so much better than listening to the whole thing (wasting 3 minutes on a song was so overrated!).

Christmas shopping meant visiting your schools cafeteria to buy presents for your parents with the money they gave you.

Milk came in pouches, and the most frustrating part of the day was sticking a straw in the damn thing.

TGIF was awesome, even though you weren't allowed to stay up for the last show at 9:30.

The most badass thing you did was chew gum in class -- and by chewing, I mean sticking it to the top of your mouth and praying to the dear Lord above you didn't get caught.

You could carry a pet in your pocket, and if they died there was no need to worry -- a reset button was safely on the back of your "Tamagotchi"

Having a beeper was so cool -- never mind not being able to find a phone after you got a page